Special offer for Zirkonium dentures!
Now we offer a  discount on the price of zirconium crowns and bridges


  • Aesthetically pleasing, as it’s color is the same as the teeth, without any metal tone.
  • Looks natural
  • Remarkably durable and long lasting
  • Completely metal free, and can be used by people with metal hipersensitivity as well
  • It is made by the latest CAD-CAM technology providing a precise fit.
  • Now for only 68.000 HUF / teeth, instead of 52.000 HUF*
*This offer is applicable for zirconium crowns and bridges only, can be used one time per customer, and cannot be combined with other discounts! 

They have already visited us and smiling confidently again:

I am a “returning” patient at this dentistry. I am more than satisfied with the treatments and the quality of the dentures.
I recommend Dent Art Dentistry to my relatives, friends and anyone who wants to receive a pleasant environment, painless treatment.
Tabányi Mihályné

I had a very flexible and fast dental treatment.
I haven’t been to the dentist in years, but at Dent Art I’ve been like visiting here every day. Colleagues are kind, reassuring and above all, they really understand what they are doing.
I feel like no one here should be afraid of treatment, a counterexample of negative stereotypes about dentistry.
I recommend it to everyone with a calm heart!
Huntik-Tarcsai Lívia

More about zirconium dentures:
In our dental clinic we are always striving for the best quality solutions, and as such the zirconium crowns and bridges provided by us are made with the latest CAD/CAM scanning technology. After the dentist prepares a mold of the patents teeth, it will be used as a base for preparing the model in the dental laboratory. This model later will be scanned digitally, and zirconium frame will be machined in an automatic achining center. This allows the frame to be highly accurate and provide a confortable fitting for the patient. After the machining is complete the frame will be coated with porcelain to complete the fixture.

The coating creates a more aesteticly pleasing appearance with it’s color tone being very close to an geniue tooth..

Since zirconium dentures are completely metal free, they can be used by people with metal hipersensitiy as well. 🙂

ASK FOR AN APPOINTMENT at our dental office called Dent Art, situated in the center of Budapest, close to Keleti Railway Station where you will be treated with modern and up-to-date instruments by our experienced dentists.

If you hold over having a dental treatment because of fears for dentists – please be assured that we strive to release your fears and we put emphasis on having treatments with less pain possible as well. 

In 2018, our dentistry was awarded the consumer opinion certificate. This can only be obtained by businesses for which the research algorithm did not find a negative opinion on the Internet.

We provide a unique 2-YEAR WARRANTY for the replacements we make!