Removable dentures

Does your denture give sores, hurt, fit badly your gums? 

Do you feel shamed and uncomfortable to eat and smile in company?


If you know these problems and need help, we know how to find a painless solution for you. Do not hesitate to call us.

The satisfaction of our patients are very important for us, therefore we use only high-quality materials with most up-to-date background and have experienced dentists and dental technicians.


Why is this important?

Because we care for you to be safe with professional experts who listen to and cure your problems. The dental clinic is in the same place with the dental technical lab which makes it quick and easy to satisfy your individual requirements, there is no need to visit the dental technician on the other side of the city. This way we save you time.

We use premium quality materials for fixed and removable dentures so that they last longer and satisfy more of your demands as for aesthetic aspect to look natural and to be more comfortable to wear.

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Removable dentures have different types:

Denture for toothless jaw based on anatomy of the mouth

A well prepared removable denture can help a lot for you to have a better quality of life and the preparation of such removable denture is completely painless.
To restore your ability to chew can be the first step to keep you healthy.
A well prepared removable denture can look natural and can be the key for a confident smile.
For patients having a proper anatomy we can really prepare a removable denture like the ones we can see in commercials on TV where the satisfied patient bites happily into an apple and the removable denture remains fixed on its place.



Of course, for this to happen there is a need for a proper ridge, good oral hygiene, competence and last but not least a perfect cooperation among the patient, the dentist and the dental technician. In cases where due to unsatisfactory anatomical properties such a removable denture cannot be prepared, depending on whether there are any teeth left, or not, there are several solutions to choose from.

These are the following:

Dental prothesis fixed to own teeth, crown or bridge with clasps

This is an ideal solution when the patient has remaining teeth because these clasps can fix properly the removable prosthesis.

We can use wire clasps. In this case the base of the denture is plastic.

The other possibility is metal plate prosthesis. With this solution the plastic base plate is strengthened with a metal plate, and the denture itself is fixed to the teeth with cast clasps.

The advantage of this solution is that stability can be better, the denture remains easier on its place and due to the metal plate it breaks less frequently in case it falls down during a cleaning process.
It is more comfortable to wear because its size is smaller than that of a removable denture with plastic plate.


There is only one disadvantage of this solution. In case the clasps are fixed to the teeth without any protection, the teeth can be damaged with time.
To avoid this problem in certain cases it is practical to make a protective clasp-holding-crown to fully protect the teeth from further decay.


Metal plate protheses fixed with hidden clasps to bridges. We call this a combined work because this is the combination of a fixed denture (bridge) and a removable denture (metal plate prothesis)

The hidden clasps and attachments adjoin the removable denture and the fixed one, i.e. the bridge, so well that no other person can notice.

This solution has several further advantages besides the non neglectable aesthetic aspects. They give a much greater stability, the worn fixing elements can be changed in only a few minutes and after changing them the patient can feel the denture becomes as stable as if he/she got a new one.

There is a great variety of these special fixing elements used for dentures made in our dental clinic so we offer our patients a customized solution to satisfy all their demands. We always choose the best solution based on the patient’s anatomy and we calibrate the strength of the fixing based on the request of the patient to enhance the sense of feeling comfortable. This is an extremely comfortable and reliable solution, which lasts in time and gives a natural appearance to the patience.

Removable dentures fixed on implants


What advantages do removable dentures have?
  • With removable dentures you can again have a confident smile, you can eat with confidence without the need to try to cover your mouth. What is more, removable dentures
  • Fill in the gap caused by missing teeth, smoothen wrinkles, and help your face look younger
  • Correct articulation, help the utterance of words
  •  Are of quality and look natural
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