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Dent Art dentistry

Our professional dentist team is waiting for your with high quality services and reasonable prices! To us the patient comes first, and we are always looking for the best solution for you.
Our dental clinic is easy to find, located a few minutes walk away from Keleti Pályaudvar railway station.

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8:00 és 19:00 között

Rendelőnk telefonszáma:

+36 (30) 385-7335

Our dental clinic was granted acertificate of guarantee of quality based on the opinion of patients in 2018. This certificate can be issued only for clinics with no negative opinion or evaluation found by the research algorithm on internet.

We undertake a unique 2-YEAR PERIOD GUARANTEE for fixed and removable dentures provided by us.


  • We offer PREMIUM treatments for affordable prices
  • We have a professional experience of more than 20 years
  • It is natural for us to use only MATERIALS OF HIGH QUALITY
  • We provide customized services based on the needs of our patients
  • We can easily be found since we are situated for only a 1 minute walk from Keleti Railway station
  • We undertake a UNIQUE  GUARANTEE PERIOD for our work
  • What matters most for us is the satisfaction of our patients
  • Most of our treatments are PAINLESS due to modern anaesthetization

Opinion of people, who have been treated by us and have they confident smiles back :

I am a „returning patient” of your dental clinic. I am more than satisfied with the treatments and the quality of the prosthetic dentistry. I recommend Dent Art to my relatives, friends and everyone else, who wishes to have a dental treatment in a nice atmosphere with painless dental care.
Tabányi Mihályné

I was given a very flexible and quick dental treatment at your clinic. I haven’t been to a dentist for years and still with DENT-Art I felt like being a regular visitor there based on how nice, calming and friendly the staff was with me and above all they are also good at what they do.
I think no one visiting you needs to be afraid of what he or she will go through during a treatment, which stands in contrast with how we usually feel when we need to see a dentist.
I recommend this clinic to everyone with confidence.
Hurtik-Tarcsai Lívia

Some Of Our Treatments

Teeth Whitening

Our consulting office offers the possibility of teeth bleaching with professional 
office lamps in case you would like to have your teeth whitened under the control of an experienced and professional dentist.
You have the possibility to whiten your teeth at home by yourself as well following the anticipatory guidelines of our dentist.
In this case you can make your teeth shine whiter while taking rest in the cosiness of your home. 🙂

Dental hygienic treatment

Tartar is dangerous because it provides a surface for bacteria which can cause inflammation of the gum. When the amount of tartar increases it pushes the gum off  the tooth that can contribute to loose tooth. The safe removal of tartar is possible only with an ultrasound equipment used by a professional person.


To treat teeth with cavity, breakage or decay we prepare fillings made of up-to-date materials with natural tooth colours. Due to modern anaesthetization these treatments today are painless.
We suggest you visit a dentist when you have the slightest suspicion of having any problems with any of your teeth to avoid the necessity for serious treatments for the future.

Dental restorations

When there is partial damage of a tooth we can apply a crown, which is fixed on the damaged tooth to cover the whole of it, when there is a partial loss of teeth we prepare a bridge, which is used to bridge the place of the missing teeth between the existing ones. Inlays and onlays are other solutions for damaged teeth though they do not cover the whole of the tooth but only the damaged parts, which cannot be cured by a regular filling. Inlays and onlays are stepping stones between fillings and crowns. We must mention here porcelain and Zirkonium veneers as well, which are aesthetic layers to cover the front of the teeth.


Removable dentures

In case of partial or complete lack of teeth we apply removable dentures, called prosthesis in common language. When there is a jaw without any teeth, the denture is supported  by a base plate, which fits the so called „ridge” and covers the upper palate. Dentures made by us are prepared with great competence therefore they look very much aesthetic and natural. 

Fixed and removable combinations

We apply mixed solutions for partial loss of teeth when a removable denture should be prepared but the patient requires a more aesthetic and stable solution. We call it a combined solution because we combine the beneficial properties of both removable dentures and dental restorations in a way that we apply crowns for the existing teeth of the patient and we connect the removable parts with these crowns with a so called hidden precision attachment.
The greatest advantage of precision attachments is that they look more natural than an ordinary metalplate restaurations do and let us not forget the fact that they are more stable. 

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Meet our dental clinic

Our clinic is situated in the heart of Budapest, near Keleti Railway Station.

It is very easy to reach us by public transport since we are a 2-minute walk from the Metro station of both line M2 and line M4. You can also choose to arrive by bus or by trolley.

If you come by car, there is a free parking facility right in front of our clinic by the road, or you can park your car in the nearby streets (see Garay str, Péterfy str.) or there is a parking place for payment under the nearby overpass.

Our clinic is equipped by modern and up-to-date instruments, we have experienced dentists and we have our own dental technician working with us at our clinic.
Due to modern anaesthetization most of the treatments are painless with us.

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Where can you find us?

1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller street 5/a I.em 7. 17-es kapucsengő


Our adress: 1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller utca 5/a I.em 7. 17-es kapucsengő