Dental restorations

Do you need a crown or a bridge? Or would you rather have your old fillings changed to look more aesthetic?


Our dental clinic works exclusively with specialists and good quality materials because what matters most for us is the satisfaction of our patients.

Fixed dentures can be of several types

Bridges and crowns

They cover the whole of the surface of the remaining tooth preserving and protecting it from further decay.

They differ in material:

  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges: their base is a metal frame which has a ceramic cover
  • Metal-free crowns and bridges: their base is a metal-free zirconium frame with a ceramic cover. Its advantage is that it looks more aesthetic than the metal ceramic one and it is best solution for those who are allergic to metal.

Metal ceramic or zirconium? Which one to choose?

We strive to give best solutions for our patients at our dental clinic therefore the frames of our zirconium crowns and bridges are prepared with CAD/CAM computer scanning systems. This means the dentist takes an impression of the teeth of the patient, which is then used to make a sample in the dental  laboratory. This sample is scanned and data are saved in a computer. The following step is that the computer with the help of a CAD/CAM system cuts the frame of the dental prothesis from a zirconium block which later will have a ceramic cover.

With this modern solution the crowns and bridges close and fit perfectly and look more aesthetic than metal crowns do because their colour matches more the shade of natural teeth.

Since zirconium is metal-free, it is an ideal solution for those who have metal allergy.

Its disadvantage is that it is more expensive than a metal ceramic prothesis and not in all cases executable (i.e when teeth move, when there is lack of space).

The manufacturing process of metal ceramic bridge

Finished zirconium bridge and frame

Inlay, Onlay

We might sooner or later need to a have a filling because of decay or damage of our teeth. Alternatives for fillings are inlays or onlays prepared in dental technical labs.
The dentist prepares the teeth to make an accurate impression. Based on the impression the exact copy of the teeth and the mouth can be made, which we call a sample. The dental technician uses the sample to prepare the inlay or onlay which can be made of gold, microceramic composite or lithium-disilicate porcelain. 
The inlays and onlays fit accurately the whole prepared by the dentist in the teeth of the patient. A big advantage of them is that they fit well even in parts of the mouth that are difficult to reach and give a full protection to the teeth.

They look very aesthetic and they are a long lasting solution.

Porcelain veneers 

When our teeth need an aesthetic correction because we do not like the colour or the form of our teeth or a tooth gets broken, the edge gets damaged or there is a space we do not like between the teeth a porcelain veneer is a perfect solution.
The veneer has the thickness of  contact lens and is made of a material called lithium-disilicate, which is incredibly solid and hard.
The dentist prepares the tooth only upto a minimum level, or in some cases there is no need for any preparations at all. The advantage of veneers is that our natural teeth lose only a minimum part of them so they can stay healthy for a long time.
With proper oral hygiene and care the fixed porcelain veneers stay nice even years later and they can easily be changed if necessary. 

Before and after photos about replacement of fillings and dentures made at our dental clinic:

Replacement of old amalgam fillings

In the left hand side photo, we can see the starting state. Our patient wanted to have two amalgam fillings changed for an inlay that looks more aesthetic.

In the right hand side photo we can see the result, the inlays that look more aesthetic are on their places. One can notice the difference. 🙂

Replacement of a not nice crown made somewhere else

In the upper photo we can see the crown on the central incisor of the patient made somewhere else, which did not make the patient satisfied, understandably. She asked for assistance from our dental clinic.
In the lower photo she has the crown made by us, we can see how its colour and shape matches the neighbouring tooth.

Replacement of an old upper bridge

In the upper photo we can see the starting state. The patient wanted to change her upper fixed denture because its colour did not match.
In the lower picture she has the upper bridge made by us, which looks more natural. One can hardly notice that the patient has a bridge, we could make it look so real.
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