Our prices

Our prices include everything: examination of oral conditions, treatment plan, bite
registration, impressions, necessary crown trying appointments, temporary fixing, corrections, final fixing, gentle adjustment of bite, and control examinations after half a year.

Why are we the best as for price and quality?

Because our dental clinic was born from a vision to make the best dentures from the
best materials with the best qualified dentist, all this with the less margin possible.

Because our motto is: Let us create good quality dentures even on an international
level for Hungarian people with Hungarian prices.

Because we have experienced dental technicians in our own dental technician lab to
prepare your dentures, and each of their work is a masterpiece made wholeheartedly.

Because our dentists and technicians are all qualified experts who do their work with
high quality, with great competence, continuously training themselves on international
and national post graduate courses.


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We offer a unique 2 year guarantee period in Hungary for each fixed and removable
dental prosthesis. Guarantee is effective only in case of appropriate use and care.

We offer a unique 2 year guarantee for every fixed and removable dental prosthesis
made at our dental clinic. The conditions to have the guarantee effective are the
following: One shall undergo a free examination every six months, one shall follow
the oral hygiene advices of our dentist, and shall participate in treatments preserving
necessary health conditions (like denture undercoating, removal of tartar, treatments
of dental hygiene, gentle adjustment of bites).

Guarantee is lost if any of these points are skipped, or if a deformation occurs during other type of sickness, physical impact, sports activity, accident or if we can see signs of intervention of a third party (other dentist, dental technician, or any other untrained person).

Guarantee does not cover any treatments that are not possible to foresee on the
original X-ray images, or that become necessary as a further treatment during
original treatments (e.g a root canal treatment) and does not cover temporary fixed or
removable protheses.

Guarantee does not cover travel costs or any other costs of the patient, either. They
must be financed by the patient him/herself. Also, guarantee does not cover any oral
surgery or implants done in places other than our dental clinic even if these treatments were recommended by our clinic. In these cases the oral surgeon and/or
implantologist will give guarantee for their work.